Luxury URecommend Mag

U-Recommend is committed to providing their clients with the most current and well-written information available on luxury goods and services from around the world. Their lifestyle magazine is packed to the brim with everything hip, chic, and lavish that you could imagine; from luxury jets, cars, yachts, motorcycles, and mansions to fashion, art, and vacation destinations.

Remolding the now passé perceptions of luxury, U-Recommend is putting its modern twist on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Accordingly, the Air Charter Advisors team has teamed up with U-Recommend, offering luxury jet charter service for their readers across the globe.

We offer competitive rates, and never sacrifice safety, privacy and comfort. Please fill out our FREE private luxury jet charter quote form or call us directly. One of our Air Charter Advisors will be available to assist you promptly.

*Remember to mention “U-Recommend” to receive a courtesy discount on your first charter flight!